Eslabón Armado – Ella Baila Sola (ft. Peso Pluma)

April 23rd, 2023


Summary: I love Norteño, Ranchera, Banda, Corridos… ¡Viva México!

About Artist: Eslabón Armando is a group from Patterson California. They’ve released five projects since their debut in 2020 and have already won several awards for their “Regional Mexican Music”. Peso Pluma is from Jalisco and has entered the spotlight in 2022 with collaborations with Becky G, Natanael Cano, and others.

About Song: This song has become a huge hit after going viral on Tik Tok.

Favorite Part: I love everything about this song. The horns, the guitar, the corrido lyrics


Peso Pluma Wikipedia
Eslabón Armado Wikipedia
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BIA – I’m That Bitch (ft. Timbaland)

April 2nd, 2023


Summary: Timbaland forever!

About Artist: BIA gained popularity in 2014 from the TV show Sisterhood of Hip Hop. She then signed a record deal through Pharrell before her first big track, a remix of A Whole Lotta Money (ft. Nicki Minaj) in 2022. This track is produced by SkipDaBeat who I don’t know a lot about but who has worked with Drake, Kodak Black and others.

About Song: This song is a single off of BIA’s upcoming album “Circles”. This song is actually a remix of sorts of Missy Elliot’s “She’s a Bitch” off of her 1999 album “Da Real World”. Like many Missy songs the beat was made by Timbaland, and his original production work really come through on this new BIA song.

Favorite Part: I mostly like the updated Timbaland beat, and the way the song still stays true to the original.


I’m that Bitch lyrics

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Kali Uchis – Not Too Late (Interlude)

March 26th, 2023


Summary: “Red Moon in Venus” on repeat!

About Artist: Kali Uchis is a Colombian-American singer who hit is big with her debit album “Isolation” (2018).  Her genre blending latin ne0-soul sound is hers alone and has gained her a loyal following.

About Song: This song “Not Too Late” is off of Kali’s third album “Red Moon in Venus” (2023). This album is sooooo good and deserves a full listen. I chose to put this song up but other tracks like “Endlessly”, “Moonlight”, and “Blue” are equally good.

Favorite Part: This song is just an interlude so it’s more about the vibes. I really like the little harmonies in the vocals and of course the little verse in spanish.


Kali Uchis Wikipedia
Not Too Late (Interlude) Lyrics

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Aminé – Burden

March 26th, 2023


Summary: Just doin life

About Artist: Aminé is an American Ethiopian Eritrean rapper from Portland Oregon. Aminé was a member of XXL Freshman Class 2017 and had a lot of success with his first album “Good for You” (2017) specifically the single “Caroline”.

About Song: This song is the first track off of Aminé’s second album “Limbo” (2020). I like to boom bap feel with the laid back bars. Make me feel like a cruisin with the top down on a Sunday afternoon.

Favorite Part: “And to top it off, my best friend had a baby
We twenty-five, I told that nigga, “Boy, you fuckin’ crazy”
Maybe I’m the one who really need the Lord to save me
The last time I went to church was in the fckin’ 80s” (2:02)


Aminé Wikipedia
Burden Lyrics


B.o.B. – Vimana

March 20th, 2023


Summary: Good times with B.o.B.

About Artist: B.o.B has been one of my favorites since 2008. Despite the fact that he is a well documented “free thinking” conspiracy theorist he is a great songwriter, musician, rapper and he definitely has blazed his own trail.

About Song: This song is off of B.o.B’s 7th album “Better than Drugs” (2022). I got to see him at a small venue in Tucson in late 2022 and got a shout out from B.o.B when he saw my “B.o.b. vs Bobby Ray” t-shirt.

Favorite Part: “It’s a thousand of the same faces I can’t differentiate, apеs, I disintegrate. You be playing bеstie with her, I do chest to chest-ie with her” (0:28)

“My whole clique, outside of the norm.
Ain’t no uniform, we do not conform” (0:43)

“Gotta be able to gas yourself, it’s called self esteem.
Don’t let these n****s sell your ass a dream” (1:29)


Vimana Lyrics


Koffee – Toast

March 19th, 2023


Summary: Thank G*d for the journey.

About Artist: Koffee is a 23 year old reggae pop artist from Jamaica. She is the youngest, and only female, artist to win the grammy for best reggae album. Koffee has a ton of really great songs including Ragamuffin, and Cyanide (remix).

About Song: This song is the first single off of Koffee’s 2019 EP “Rapture”.I love the chorus. Even though the song is pretty basic, there is something about the riddim and the joyous praise god feel that I really feel

Favorite Part: “Blessings all upon me life and, me thank god for the journey the earnings are just for the plus, gratitude is a must”


Koffee (Wikipedia)


Samm Henshaw – Take Time (ft. Tobe Nwigwe)

March 18th, 2023


Summary: All y’all thinkin bout is kissin and huggin
About Artist: Samm Henshaw is a London born singer songwriter who is really gives the John Legend vibes vocally. Tobe Nwigwe is a Texas rapper known, in part, for his role in the TV show Mo.

About Song: This song is off of Samm Henshaw’s debut album Untidy Soul (2022) which I loove. The tracks Grow, Still Broke, and 8.16 are all great songs themselves and the whole album feels like a throwback to Get Lifted (2004).

Favorite Part: I love the cool, relaxed swagger of the vocals on top of that tight playful groove. The song is laid back, fun, and sexy. Walking baseline is fiiire.


Same Henshaw (Wikipedia)
Untidy Soul (Stream)
Tobe Nwigwe (Wikipedia)


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Buddy Fo – When It’s Time to Go

March 16th, 2023


Summary: I miss you always Dad. This one is for Jim Epstein, my loving dad.

About Artist: Buddy Fo was born in Honolulu in 1932 and was percussionist and vocalist for many years.

About Song: This sone is the title track from Buddy’s 1976 LP “When It’s Time to Go”. I first heard this song in 2021 just before my dad Jim Epstein fell ill. I listened a lot of Buddy Fo throughout 2021 and 2022 when I visited Oahu for the first time as an adult.

Favorite Part: I love the composition. The melancholy Hawaiian marimbas, the surf guitar, and the mournful vocals. I especially like the staccato guitar on beat 2, and the offbeat of 3 and . I love at 0:15 when that guitar pulls a little curveball.

Other: Buddy Fo

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Mich Jenkins – Flaunt

October 11th, 2021


Summary: I don’t even flex like that on the regular.

About Artist: Mick Jenkins’ new album “The Elephant in the Room” is coming in a few weeks.

About Song: This track is off of Mick’s 2020 EP “The CIrcus”

Favorite Part: The whole thing.



Kanye West – Pure Souls (ft. Roddy Rich, Shensheaa)

October 11th, 2021


Summary: The truth is only what you get away with.

About Artist: Kanye West is an egomaniac who has done some horrible things. Having said that I still listen to Ye’s music.

Roddy Rich and Shensheaa are of a more recent generation, both in their mid 20s.

About Song: Pure Souls, Hurricane, Praise God, Jail, Jesus Lord, New Again, are just some of my favorite tracks from DONDA.

Favorite Part: I love the celebratory vibe.


DONDA (Wikipedia)
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Shensheaa (Wikipedia)

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Nas – Nobody (ft. Lauryn Hill)

August 8th, 2021


Summary: Pure Nas with a fire verse from Ms. Hill

About Artist: Nas and Lauryn Hill are two of the greatest to ever do it.

About Song: Nas’s 14th album Kings Disease II dropped last week and this song “Nobody” is just one of many smooth classics on the album. Lauryn Hill has a great verse and it’s got those illmatic vibes.

Favorite Part:
“My awareness like Keanu in The Matrix
I’m savin’ souls and y’all complainin’ ’bout my lateness
Now it’s illegal for someone to walk in greatness” (3:15)

“I’m in the secret place, I keep a sacred space
They keep showin’ their hands, but keep hidin’ their face
If I’m a messenger, you block me then you block the message
So aggressive, the world you made is what you’re left with
Pride and ego over love and truth is fucking reckless
Y’all … got a death wish, the stupid leaves me breathless”  (3:50)


King’s Disease II (Wikipedia)
Nobody Lyrics

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Ryan Beatty – Bruise

April 25th, 2021


Summary: Ryan Beatty is Everything!

About Artist: Back in 2018 a student asked me if I’d heard of Ryan Beatty and told me they thought I would like them. It was true. His 2018 album Boy in Jeans was an album I fell deeply in love with. Ryan Beatty is an extremely talented vocalist and musician. His albums are cohesive and beautifully stitched together.

About Song: This track is just one of my favorites from his debut album Boy in Jeans. The album tells the story of his experiences of being gay in high school. I have so many favorite songs from this album, you really have to listen to the album all the way through to understand his genius. Ryan’s more recent sophomore album Dreaming of David is even more of a masterpiece and something I will surely post about soon.

Favorite Part: You have to listen to the full album!

Other: Ryan Beatty Wikipedia

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Anitta – Bola Rebola (ft. J Balvin, Tropkillaz, MC Zaac)

April 12th, 2021


Summary: Português x Español x English

About Artist: There are ton of artists on this song including Tropkillaz (São Paulo Brazil), J Balvin (Colombia), Anitta (Rio de Janeiro Brazil) and MC Zaac (Diadema Brazil).

About Song: This song came out in spring 2019  and was one of my summer anthems for that summer. It is followup to the smash hit Vai Malandra.

Favorite Part: I love the funk carioca vibe. Tenho saudades do Brasil.

Other: Bola Rebola WikipediaJ Balvin Wikipedia, Anitta Wikipedia, MC Zaac Wikipedia

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Vic Mensa – We Could Be Free (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

March 22nd, 2021


Summary: Sometime it’s hard to tell if you are in heaven or in hell.

About Artist: Vic Mensa is from Chicago and is someone I started listening to around 2014 when he was feated on Chance the Rapper’s Cocoa Butter Kisses. Ty Dolla $ign helps sing the hook.

About Song: This song is the outro track to Vic Mensa’s debut album “The Autobiography” (2017)

Favorite Part: The chorus is really powerful. I love how this song touches on topics of sorrow, blessings, brutality, and desperation.

Other: Vic Mensa Wikipedia

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