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Nas – Nobody (ft. Lauryn Hill)

August 8th, 2021


Summary: Pure Nas with a fire verse from Ms. Hill

About Artist: Nas and Lauryn Hill are two of the greatest to ever do it.

About Song: Nas’s 14th album Kings Disease II dropped last week and this song “Nobody” is just one of many smooth classics on the album. Lauryn Hill has a great verse and it’s got those illmatic vibes.

Favorite Part:
“My awareness like Keanu in The Matrix
I’m savin’ souls and y’all complainin’ ’bout my lateness
Now it’s illegal for someone to walk in greatness” (3:15)

“I’m in the secret place, I keep a sacred space
They keep showin’ their hands, but keep hidin’ their face
If I’m a messenger, you block me then you block the message
So aggressive, the world you made is what you’re left with
Pride and ego over love and truth is fucking reckless
Y’all … got a death wish, the stupid leaves me breathless”  (3:50)


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Lauryn Hill – Black Rage

August 25th, 2014

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Summary: Raw and real.
About Artist:
Tthe one and only Ms. Lauryn Hill needs no introduction. While her musical career has completely fallen apart her immortal works on Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and with the Fugees have earned her a solid place in the pantheon of hip hop / R&B.
About Song: This song was recorded in her living room and is dedicated to the community of Ferguson MO where Mike Brown was killed. Elements of the lyrics and melody are borrowed from The Sound Of Music’s “My Favorite Things”

Favorite Part:
Though it’s a rought cut, I love how raw it is. That simple driving rhythm over her haunting melody is really powerful.

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