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Tony Williams – Another You (remix) (ft. King Chip, Freddie Gibbs, Kanye West) (prod. by Bink!)

May 2nd, 2013

DOWNLOAD MP3 TonyWilliams-AnotherYouRemixftKingChipFreddieGibbsKanyeWest.mp3
Summary: Quality Slow Jam.
About Artist: The World Famous Tony Williams is an R&B singer songwriter from the midwest. He first made it big recording vocals for songs on Kanye West’s debut album College Dropout (2004) including I’ll Fly Away, and Spaceship. He’s since contributed to songs on each of Kanye’s subsequent albums though is never listed as a featured artist even on songs where he is prominently featured like Roses. Listening to Tony Williams’ material you can see how much of an impact he had on the sound of Kanye West’s early albums. On Tony Williams mixtape Finding Dakota Grey (2010) is one of my favorite mixtape projects of all time. One of the songs from that tape was on gregshiphop back in 2010 here (Tony Williams – Nightmares). King Chip, formerly Chip tha Ripper, is a favorite artist of mine from Cleveland Ohio. Chip has yet to break through into the big time but he has his own style and plenty of talent. Here are 6 Chip songs that have been on gregshiphop before. I don’t know too much about Freddie Gibbs butI know he has quite a following and has been around for years now. His style is a little more the gangsta but he too is not without rapping talent. Kanye West is Kanye West. This song was producted by Bink! who produced songs on the Jay-Z’s original Blueprint, and did Kanye West’s Devil In A New Dress.
About Song: This song is originally off of Tony Williams debut album King or the Fool (2012). This remix adds verses by King Chip and Freddie Gibbs.

Favorite Part: I like the whole slow jam vibe that Tony Williams brings to the song but there are also a couple parts in particular I also really lik.

King Chip’s first verse sounds so smooth (0:40) and his second verse (2:50) is just as good.

I like the musical piano breakdown at 3:50.

And then Kanye just comes in at the end with his old school care free style.

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Chip Tha Ripper – Hang Out

March 3rd, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 ChipThaRipper-HangOut.mp3
Summary: Another one for you big speakers, Chip Tha Ripper Style About Artist: Chip Tha Ripper is a rapper from Cleveland with voice that makes the ladies melt (apparently). Chip is a few years into the game but is well positioned to launch into the mainstream. His most recent mixtape Gift Raps has been long anticipated and it doesn’t dissapointed. Google Gift Raps and get your copy, every track REALLY bumps. Check out other Chip Tha Ripper songs on here
About Song: This hip hop song is off of Gift Raps, Chip Tha Ripper’s brand new mixtape. Every track on the album can blow your speakers out so get some speakers, download the tape and ENJOY!
Favorite Part:
I like this one for the beat, and Chip’s voice. The Classic Chip Tha Ripper combo is an bumbing beat and his smooth voice. He does have some clever lines but his flow works even without rhymes or jokes.
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Here is an older Chip Tha Ripper video clip that I really like


Chip Tha Ripper – Roll that Weed Bitch

February 2nd, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 ChipThaRipper-RollThatWeedBitch.mp3
Summary: BIG SPEAKERS ONLY (explicit)
About Artist: Chip Tha Ripper is relatively new rapper from Cleveland. I first heard Chip on his 2008 mixtape Can’t Tell Me Nothing. He always has really speaker blowing beats, he has a kind of low raspiness in his voice which is part of his signature style. Chip isn’t normally as “Gangsta” as this song may make him seem. Check out some other Chip songs HERE or a good interview with him HERE
About Song:This song is a cover of the party favorite Make It Rain by Travis Porter. The song is extremely misogynist much like it’s original. Despite that the way the beat BOOMS on good speakers is enough for me to post it. For those that are not familiar this kind of a song is part of a style called Snap Music (best exemplified by D4L’s Laffy Taffy) that’s been popularized by the South since the early OTs. The style, often about partying and women, has simple two step beats with a lot of bass.
Favorite Part: The part where my speakers go BOOOM!
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Original Make it Rain video.,

Chip Tha Ripper – Can I Live (ft. H-Flo)

March 31st, 2010

ChipThaRipper-CanILiveftHFlo.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Chip Tha Ripper is a up an coming out of cleaveland. He has that sweet low voice and lyrics thats will fuck with your head. I’m a huge Chip fan!
About Song: I was going back and listening to songs that I was into in march of 2009 and I couldnt believe that I had never put this one up. This song is obviously a remake of Jay-Z’s classic Can I Live off of Reasonable Doubt.
Favorite Verse: I love both of Chip’s verses. His style is unmatched.
Favorite Line:last line “..we the best out, Icons like that shit thats on your desktop” (2:14)
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Chip Tha Ripper – Movie

February 10th, 2010

ChipThaRipper-Movie.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Chip tha Ripper is the newest thing from Cleveland. His got a low smooth sound and I love it. Check out other Chip songs from the blog and go download him if you like what you hear cause he’s got a lot of great mixtape tracks. No album yet but I know I’m gonna buy Chips album whenever it comes.
About Song: This song is supa slow, u know what kinda music it is.
Favorite Verse: All the verses are pretty good.
Favorite Line: “…fire, another language sound just like english, if you n*ggas is hot, call me MC Extinguish” (1:28) and the verse after that is cool too
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Chip Tha Ripper – Hey Love ’09

November 8th, 2009

ChipThaRipper-HeyLove09.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Chip tha Ripper is a Clevland rapper (same as Kid Cudi and the Kickdrums) who has a couple mixtapes out right now and is in the process of working on a ever delayed mixtape called “The Cleaveland Show” which will hopefully vault him toward being signed.
About Song: This song is lighter and more fun that most other Chip the Ripper songs (download his best mixtape below). This track was produced by Remont will be featured on Mick and Terry Urbans upcoming (any day now) De La Soul tribute mixtape. It is, maybe not obviously, a remake of De La Souls’ “Talkin’ Bout Hey Love” (listen here). The song is a nice little track that speaks truth of high school flirtation etc (he talks about the girl he likes seein him around other girls not knowing they were just his friends 1:31).
Favorite Line: “She say I was always a cool nigga, but I ain’t have a chance when I went to school with her. But that was then this is now I’m a pimp in my own mind I can hold down.” (1:26) I just like the rythm of the line with the track.
Other: Chip works a lot with DJ-EV. He has a great mixtape called “Can’t Stop Me” which you can download HERE (Chip’s website)
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Chip Tha Ripper – Can’t Stop Me (ft. Kid Cudi)

August 10th, 2009


Chip Tha Ripper – Can’t Stop Me (ft. Kid Cudi).mp3 (right click and “save link as”)
About Artist:Chip Tha Ripper is a underground rapper from Cleveland still ooking ro a record deal.
About Song: This song is on Chip’s 2008 “Can’t Stop Me” mixtape which is a great mixtape of original material mixed by DJ EV. This particular track is also produced byRami and Dez. I was listening to this song and this whole mixtape real heavy in June so hopefully you can enjoy it too before summers done.
Favorite Verse:Chip is on the 1st and 3rd, Kid Cudi’s on the 2nd. All verses=Good
Favorite Line:“Ok now lets begin, I can show n*gg*s the game lik ESPN” (0:40)
“Your buds is so wood, I’m in the Q-35 Infinity doin doughnuts”(1:11)
Other: The guitar solo in the background at 1:10 is awesome (and don’t miss the kazoo solo 2:48).
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