Chip Tha Ripper – Can’t Stop Me (ft. Kid Cudi)

August 10th, 2009


Chip Tha Ripper – Can’t Stop Me (ft. Kid Cudi).mp3 (right click and “save link as”)
About Artist:Chip Tha Ripper is a underground rapper from Cleveland still ooking ro a record deal.
About Song: This song is on Chip’s 2008 “Can’t Stop Me” mixtape which is a great mixtape of original material mixed by DJ EV. This particular track is also produced byRami and Dez. I was listening to this song and this whole mixtape real heavy in June so hopefully you can enjoy it too before summers done.
Favorite Verse:Chip is on the 1st and 3rd, Kid Cudi’s on the 2nd. All verses=Good
Favorite Line:“Ok now lets begin, I can show n*gg*s the game lik ESPN” (0:40)
“Your buds is so wood, I’m in the Q-35 Infinity doin doughnuts”(1:11)
Other: The guitar solo in the background at 1:10 is awesome (and don’t miss the kazoo solo 2:48).
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