Chip Tha Ripper – Can I Live (ft. H-Flo)

March 31st, 2010

ChipThaRipper-CanILiveftHFlo.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Chip Tha Ripper is a up an coming out of cleaveland. He has that sweet low voice and lyrics thats will fuck with your head. I’m a huge Chip fan!
About Song: I was going back and listening to songs that I was into in march of 2009 and I couldnt believe that I had never put this one up. This song is obviously a remake of Jay-Z’s classic Can I Live off of Reasonable Doubt.
Favorite Verse: I love both of Chip’s verses. His style is unmatched.
Favorite Line:last line “..we the best out, Icons like that shit thats on your desktop” (2:14)
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