Chip Tha Ripper – Roll that Weed Bitch

February 2nd, 2011

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Summary: BIG SPEAKERS ONLY (explicit)
About Artist: Chip Tha Ripper is relatively new rapper from Cleveland. I first heard Chip on his 2008 mixtape Can’t Tell Me Nothing. He always has really speaker blowing beats, he has a kind of low raspiness in his voice which is part of his signature style. Chip isn’t normally as “Gangsta” as this song may make him seem. Check out some other Chip songs HERE or a good interview with him HERE
About Song:This song is a cover of the party favorite Make It Rain by Travis Porter. The song is extremely misogynist much like it’s original. Despite that the way the beat BOOMS on good speakers is enough for me to post it. For those that are not familiar this kind of a song is part of a style called Snap Music (best exemplified by D4L’s Laffy Taffy) that’s been popularized by the South since the early OTs. The style, often about partying and women, has simple two step beats with a lot of bass.
Favorite Part: The part where my speakers go BOOOM!
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Original Make it Rain video.,