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Lo-Fi Coronalife [Side A]

May 21st, 2020


Summary: The CD runs 77 minutes in 50 tracks featuring over 60 artists. I hope you find your new favorite song. I know we can all use a little more music in our lives rights now.

About: I wanted to create a mixtape that had a little something for everybody. The tracks are edited to be short but offer a glimpses into pop hits and odd audial obscurities and alike. A project of the quarantine.

Other: Enjoy some easy listening or get out Shazam and find your new favorite song!




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Drake – Summer Sixteen

December 27th, 2016


DOWNLOAD MP3 Drake-SummerSixteen.mp3
Summary: Lookin Lookin for Revenge.
About Artist: Drake is… I don’t even know what to say about Drake. He hasn’t been on since 2009. There are lots of Drake songs I like, and lots that I hate. The other candidate for this post was Hotline Bling (which I love) but since this is a 2016 wrap up I went with Summer Sixteen.
About Song: I was going to put this song up in June but for some reason it just stayed in the unfinished blog post drafts pile. I don’t think that Drake has put out his best stuff as of late, I think some of his recent singles have been kind of annoying. But I really really loved Summer Sixteen and before 2016 comes to an end I wanted to put it up here (even though it came out in January).
Favorite Part: “Tell Obama that my verses are just like the whips that he in They bulletproof” (0:30)
I know this song was famous but I couldn’t let 2016 end without any Drake this year.

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Kirk Fanklin – 123 Victory (remix) (ft. Pharrell)

December 19th, 2016


DOWNLOAD MP3 KirkFranklin-123VictoryftPharrellRemix.mp3
Summary: Gospel gets a remix #123Victory
About Artist: Kirk Franklin is a famous gospel musician. I love Kirk Franklin. Pharrell Williams is an a-list hip hop legend as a producer with a huge crossover pop audience.
About Song: The original song comes from Kirk Franklin’s “Losing My Religion” (2015). I love the original track! (download here). The remix came over a year later (watch an interview with Pharrell and Kirk Franklin). This song was my jam for like two weeks in mid November.
Favorite Part: I love the gospel elements of the chorus.I love the message. Kirk Franklin is amazing. Pharrell takes it to different level.
Listen to the Original Version
Kirk Franklin Wikipedia

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