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DJ Khaled – Holy Key (ft. Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Betty Wright)

December 27th, 2016


DOWNLOAD MP3 DJKhaled-HolyKeyftBigSeanKendrickLamarBettyWright.mp3
Summary: Back to the rap.
About Artist: DJ Khaled had a great year, taking his celebrity to the next level, and releasing a widely acclaimed album “Major Key” (2016).
About Song: This song was the 3rd single from DJ Khaled’s “MajorKey” (2016). This song features a first verse Big Sean, a second verse by Kendrick Lamar, and some awesome vocals by Betty Wright.
Favorite Part: I love the chorus, Betty Wright Kills.
“Niggas over stressing, we under investigation
Every day off to the races, can’t fuck with you if you racist
Beat your ass until you purple
They can’t even tell what your race is
Doctor King meet Dr. Dre
Except this doctor lost all his patience” (1:25)
“So what you look up to?
Fame and fortune, bitches, Porsches
Sources with designer thing
Brand endorsement joining forces with sorcerers signing me
Law enforcement their forces, tortures us with violent speed
Fuck your boss’s employment my joy is to see all you bleed” (3:05)
The outro is also one of the best part with the beat and Betty Wright riding out.
Holy Key Lyrics (via RapGenius)
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Big Sean – Outro

February 22nd, 2015


DOWNLOAD MP3 BigSean-Outro.mp3
Summary: Soul Samples. Always.
About Artist: Big Sean is young rapper from Detroit that signed with Kanye West a couple years ago. He’s part of a wave of rapper’s that I feel especially connected to that include J. Cole, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, B.o.B. and Wale. It was the songs from these artists that started this blog (they are all also right around my age).
About Song: This song is the outro to Big Sean’s third album “Dark Sky Paradise” that’s set to come out February 24th. The album is pretty solid, with “I Don’t Fuck with You” being the lead single. A couple of the bonus tracks are pretty good too. I’d say it’s the best Big Sean album so far (though complete albums hasn’t been his strength). And doesn’t “Dark Side Paradise” sound an awful lot like “Dark Twisted Fantasy”
Favorite Part: This song is different than all the other tracks on the album in that it features a soul sample, which I always love. This song samples Darondo’s “Didn’t I” (1973).
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Pusha T – Who I Am (ft. 2 Chainz, Big Sean)

November 13th, 2013

PushaT-WhoIAmft2ChainzBigSeanPushaT-WhoIAmft2ChainzBigSean Audio Player
DOWNLOAD MP3PushaT-WhoIAmft2ChainzBigSean.mp3
Summary: I’m having trouble finding time to post but here’s a good banger. Speakers Required!
About Artist: Pusha T is/was one half of the duo the Clipse. While he’s been in the game a looong time he is just now truly embarking on his solo career. 2 Chainz is the ‘from another planet’ all over the radio rapper, and Big Sean is someone who hit the scene around 2009 and has rolled with Kanye on hits like Mercy, Clique and that Marvin and Chardonnay song.
About Song: This is off of Pusha T’s debut album My Name is My Name. I Really like this album and there are 3 or 4 songs I could have posted here. I haven’t liked a big sean verse in a while but I think he has the best verse here. You definitely need speakers to appreciate this song

Favorite Part:
Big Sean’s verse (2:15)

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Big Sean – 24k Of Gold (ft. Raekwon, J.Cole)(prod by Key Wane)

February 27th, 2013

DOWNLOAD MP3 BigSean-24kOfGoldftRaekwonJCole.mp3
Summary:   A chill little riff on Nas’ If I Ruled the World.
About Artist: Key Wane is the producer of the track. I don’t know much about him except that he’s a young guy from Detroit. I would encourage people to check out  So Many Keys because while most of the tracks have already been released on other projects you can really get a sense of Key Wane’s sounds. Big Sean hails from Detroit and is a young rapper signed with Kanye’s GOOD Music. J. Cole is another young buck with a ton a skills and a diehard following. He comes from North Carolina and was one of the first artists to sign with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Raekwon on the other hand is the longtime New York legend from the Wu Tang Clan.
About Song: This song orignally appeared on Big Sean’s late 2012 mixtape Detroit however I rediscovered it when it appeared on producer Key Wane’s collection called So Many Keys which I would highly encourage people to download. The song kinda plays off of Nas and Lauryn Hill’s hit If I Ruled the World.
Favorite Part:
I want to give Key Wane credit cause I really like the sound of song. The rap is just some nice dressing on top.

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Here is the artwork for the Single

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Exile – Wait For Me (ft. Big Sean, Lupe Fiasco)

March 15th, 2012

DOWNLOAD MP3 Exile-WaitForMeftBigSeanLupeFiasco.mp3
Summary: This song isn’t a killer but Exile’s mixtape “Intro to the Outro” is just too good not to get some recognition. Get the mixtape for free here. I love the way each song on the tape blends into the next song (very pro)
About Artist: Exile is the producer on this song (as he is producer on all the tracks on this tape). Exile has collaborated on critically acclaimed albums with both Blu and Fashawm (both of whom he works with frequently). He is an awesome producer and even better live performer. He’s really brought live beat making back into fashion specifically with his beastly skills on an MPC
About Song: This track is off his Exile’s Intro to the Outro Mixtape that was realeased in September of 2011 to promote his debut album 4TRK MIND which has the funniest album cover ever. The song features Big Sean and Lupe Fiasco (you can check out their wikipedia pages below) but I mainly like this song because of Exile’s production.
Favorite Part:  The rap is pretty solid but I just like the fun beat. Also notice the very end of the song when it starts bleding into the folowing song (which is very killer and very different). You really gotta just listen to the mixtape all the way through.

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