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Justin Timberlake – TKO (Black Friday Remix)(J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T)

March 1st, 2014

JustinTimberlake-TKOBlackFridayRemixJColeASAPRockyPushaTJustinTimberlake-TKOBlackFridayRemixJColeASAPRockyPushaTAudio Player
DOWNLOAD MP3 JustinTimberlake-TKOBlackFridayRemixJColeASAPRockyPushaT.mp3
Summary:  Not New, still good.
About Artist: Nothing to say today. This is just a good hip hop improvement on a pop song.
About Song: This was a song I mean to post a while ago. Was probably bumping this most in December 2013 (maybe earlier?) This sons is just a better version of JT’s original TKO

Favorite Part:
Reminds me of the raw fcking power of just being in love.

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Pusha T – Who I Am (ft. 2 Chainz, Big Sean)

November 13th, 2013

PushaT-WhoIAmft2ChainzBigSeanPushaT-WhoIAmft2ChainzBigSean Audio Player
DOWNLOAD MP3PushaT-WhoIAmft2ChainzBigSean.mp3
Summary: I’m having trouble finding time to post but here’s a good banger. Speakers Required!
About Artist: Pusha T is/was one half of the duo the Clipse. While he’s been in the game a looong time he is just now truly embarking on his solo career. 2 Chainz is the ‘from another planet’ all over the radio rapper, and Big Sean is someone who hit the scene around 2009 and has rolled with Kanye on hits like Mercy, Clique and that Marvin and Chardonnay song.
About Song: This is off of Pusha T’s debut album My Name is My Name. I Really like this album and there are 3 or 4 songs I could have posted here. I haven’t liked a big sean verse in a while but I think he has the best verse here. You definitely need speakers to appreciate this song

Favorite Part:
Big Sean’s verse (2:15)

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Pusha T – Revolution (prod by The Neptunes)

February 27th, 2013

DOWNLOAD MP3 PushaT-Revolution.mp3
Summary:  A super short track recapping the career to date of Pusha T.
About Artist: Pusha T is a rapper from Virginia currently signed with Kanye’s GOOD music, originally one half of the duo Clipse and a member of the Re-Up Gang. He’s come a long way in his career, I’ve always been a fan, and am happy to see his solo career blossoming. The Neptunes is the famed production team of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams.
About Song: This song is off of Pusha T’s 2013 mixtape Wrath of Caine which is meant as a promo to his upcoming album My Name Is My Name.
Favorite Part:
I like this song because it gives a summary of Pusha T’s path over the years. Check out the RapGenius lyrics for Revolution to learn the story if you don’t already know.

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Here’s the video for Pusha T’s Can I Live Freestyle (Originally by Jay-Z)

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The Dream – Higher (ft. Pusha-T, Mase, Cocaine 80s)(prod by. Hit-Boy)

October 5th, 2012

DOWNLOAD MP3 TheDream-HigherftPushaTMaseCocaine80s.mp3
Summary: You know I’m a big Kanye fan so there had to be something from G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer up here. This track is all about the production especially the outro.
About Artist:  There are a bunch of artists involved in this track so I won’t go into all their bios (you can Google them your damn self) but they are all a part of Kanye West’s music crew GOOD Music which is the collective that put out the album that this track is on Cruel Summer.
About Song: This song features the Dream on the hook, Pusha-T on the first verse, Ma$e on the second verse, and Cocaine 80s with the outro.
Favorite Part:   Like I said I put this song up here not because of the rapping but because of the production specifically the outro.

While the beat on the track is great throughout skip ahead to 3:43 where the outro starts to hear the part that I love so much. You really should listen to the outro on headphones to get the ful effect of all the meticulous production work that went into it.

Cruel Summer Wikipedia
Higher Lyrics on RapGenius

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John West – Lovely (ft. Pusha T)

March 24th, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 JohnWest-LovelyftPushaT.mp3
Summary: Some easy listening R&B
About Artist: I never head of John West but apparently he’s signed with Def Jam. His sound mirrors that of a Robin Thicke which might pan out well for him considering how Thicke has done. John West is set to release his still unamed debut LP this summer. Pusha T, from Clipse, is rapper with a really banger street sound so this song is clearly not his usual thing. Try clicking Push T on the black bar below to see other Pusha songs on gregshiphop.
About Song: This song is a great spring song. It light and laid back, just some easy lovely listening.
Favorite Part:
I love the piano and the guitar arpeggios with John West’s pleasent voice

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Pusha T – Raid (ft. 50 Cent, Pharrell)

March 22nd, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 PushaT-Raidft50CentPharrell.mp3
Summary: Pusha T + 50 Cent + Pharrell = Killer Trio
About Artist: Pusha T is one half of the Clipse, who is just starting his solo career by recently signing with Kanye’s GOOD Music. I have always loved Clipse, they were one of the first hip-hop groups I ever heard and am really excited about Pusha T’s solo career potential. 50 Cent is… well 50 Cent. 50 isn’t what he once was as an artist like in 2003 when he lived on the radio but 50 still pulls in a ton of money from the industry through his various business ventures. Pharrell is one of my favorite artists. He is one half of the Neptunes which produced this track, and a third of N.E.R.D. Pharrell’s music isn’t limited to hip hop and his musical creativity is amazing. You can thank Pharrell’s for the awesome for the awesome mood that the beat sets for the song.
About Song: This new hip hop song is off of Pusha T’s first solo mixtape which just now dropped called Fear of God. Fear of God has been greatly anticipated and while I haven’t listened to it yet because it just came out yesterday, I’m sure it’s awesome!
Favorite Part:
I love the vibe of the song. Pharrell really sets the tone with the piano loop and the super cool hook. Nothing particular stands out in the rap verses but Pusha T does outshine 50 a little. I like the boat theme that Pusha plays with around 2:30

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