Exile – Wait For Me (ft. Big Sean, Lupe Fiasco)

March 15th, 2012

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Summary: This song isn’t a killer but Exile’s mixtape “Intro to the Outro” is just too good not to get some recognition. Get the mixtape for free here. I love the way each song on the tape blends into the next song (very pro)
About Artist: Exile is the producer on this song (as he is producer on all the tracks on this tape). Exile has collaborated on critically acclaimed albums with both Blu and Fashawm (both of whom he works with frequently). He is an awesome producer and even better live performer. He’s really brought live beat making back into fashion specifically with his beastly skills on an MPC
About Song: This track is off his Exile’s Intro to the Outro Mixtape that was realeased in September of 2011 to promote his debut album 4TRK MIND which has the funniest album cover ever. The song features Big Sean and Lupe Fiasco (you can check out their wikipedia pages below) but I mainly like this song because of Exile’s production.
Favorite Part:  The rap is pretty solid but I just like the fun beat. Also notice the very end of the song when it starts bleding into the folowing song (which is very killer and very different). You really gotta just listen to the mixtape all the way through.

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