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Chinx Drugz – Couple Niggas (Prod by Blickie Blaze Four Kings)

June 28th, 2014

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Summary:  A nice little banger.
About Artist: Chinx Drugz is a member of French Montana’s Coke Boys group. This is the third song of Chinx I’ve posted (just search Chinx to find the others)
About Song: This song is off of the latest mixtape in his Cocaine Riot series #4 which came out in may.

Favorite Part:
Nothin super special, just like the way it bumps

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Chinx Drugz – I’m A Cokeboy (ft. French Montana)

April 23rd, 2013

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Summary: Shout out to Will of XXBC for getting this track stuck in my head.
About Artist: Chinx Drugz is a member of the group Coke Boys along with French Montana. French Montana, who was born in Morocco (who knew), is an up and comer who runs with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and Rick Ross’ Maybach Music.
About Song:  This song actually has a pretty dope official remix with Rick Ross and Diddy but I’m trying not to promote Rick Ross since he is the embodiment of almost everything that is wrong with hip hop (though I’ll admit I like what he does in some of his songs) Anyway… this song is a couple years old but got renewed life with the recent remix.
Favorite Part: I really like the instrumental, and I like the way the song bangs. Nothing crazy on the lyrical side but it’s a solid song.

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Wale – Let A Nigga Know (ft. Chinx Drugs, Fatz)(prod by Rico Beats)

March 5th, 2013

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Summary:  This is the fun high energy Wale that I love. Feel the beat.
About Artist: Wale is a DC rapper who was once one of my favorite rappers. He really makes two different types of music, the original playful kinda rapping and his new Rick Ross / Maybach Music gold chains and car rapping. I have no clue who Chinx Drugs or Fatz are. I’ve heard the name Rico Beats before and I’m sure he’s worked with a lot of artists but the only thing I remember him from is Nicki Minaj’s Roman Reloaded.
About Song: This song is one of the better tracks off of Wale’s 2012 mixtape Folarin which was really hit or miss with about 4 tracks that I really liked. (Bad, a song posted here a couple days ago, being another one).
Favorite Part:
I really like the beat especially in the pre-chorus in places like 1:27 where it then drops into the chorus. I just really feel the beat to this one. Plus I like the kind of obscured singing in the background track.

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