Wale – Gullible (ft. Cee Lo)

July 3rd, 2013

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Summary: A laid back jazzy Waletrack.
About Artist: Wale is a DC area rapper and has been one of my favorite rappers that I’ve followed over the years. Cee-Lo Green now needs no introduction but has been in the game for years first as a part of Goodie Mob and then as the duo Gnarls Barkley.
About Song: This song comes off of Wale’s recently released third album “The Gifted”. The Gifted is a prettys solid album from top to bottom and is something I’ve been putting on in the background while I work. This probably won’t be the last song from the album that I post here.
Favorite Part: The trumpets and band in the back brings a really nice sound but it’s the message that Wale brings to the song that I like.
In the beginning he raps about technology and government surveillance, as well as mass marketing…
“What if they told you this music was bogus?
The government run it, they controllin’ the culture
Would you believe that? If you read that?
What if they told you the iPhone was tapped?
They see all of your browsin’ and know you via your apps
And Twitter and Instagram is really like middle men
And internet soldiers, everybody was carrying Macs” (0:19-0:36)
I like Cee Lo in the chorus but again it’s music married with the content of the lyrics that I like. For example in the smooth bridge…
“TV killed the radio
And then the internet slit the television throat” (1:56)

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