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Raggaesta – Set Fire to the Rain (ft. Adele)

August 17th, 2014

Raggaesta-SetFireToTheRainftAdeleRaggaesta-SetFireToTheRainftAdeleAudio Player
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Summary: Not Hip Hop

About Artist: Reggaesta is another remix artist that I’m really into right now who does Reggae music. He’s from Italy but his Adele reggae CD is super popular in Brazil and it really got me back into reggae.

About Song: This song is part of a full CD of Adele reggae remakes by Reggaesta. Of course the original Set Fire to the Rain is from Adele’s 2011 album 21.

Favorite Part: Just sit back and enjoy it.

Reggaesta Official Website
Adele Wikipedia

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Tyga – Reminded (ft. Adele)

March 31st, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 Tyga-RemindedftAdele.mp3
Summary: Something Soft
About Artist: Tyga runs with lil Wayne’s Young Money but he’s not really the reason this song is up here. I will say that Tyga is one of the more talented members of Young Money but this song is really made by the involvement of Adele. Now I actually don’t know hardley antying about Adele except that outside of Hip Hop she is huge. She’s won at least one grammy and the white mainstream really love her.
About Song: This song is a single off of Tyga’s upcoming mixtape Black Thought 2, which is due out April 12th.
Favorite Part:
Adele on the hook, I love her voice, but I really like melody and rhythm of it. I especially like how her voice kinda slides in the line I hate to turn out up out of the blue uninvited
Tyga Wikipedia
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