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Jay-Z – Open Letter (ft. Swizz Beats)(prod by. Timbaland)

April 19th, 2013

Summary: ¡Viva la Revolución!
About Artist: Jay-Z is the king of Hip Hop today. Swizz Beatz, is married to Alicia Keyes and is a well known producer. Timbaland is a mega producer.
About Song:  Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce recently went to Havana Cuba for their anniversary sparking a mini political media shitstorm from Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Pitbull, and White House spokesman Jay Carney. This song is a response to the criticism Jay-Z received for his trip.
Favorite Part:

I just like that Jay-Z is flexing his political muscle a little bit and making a song that’s relevant.

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Swizz Beatz – Top Down (ft. Nas)

March 5th, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 SwizzBeatz-TopDownftNas.mp3
Summary: New York’s Finest (Nas) + Horns
About Artist: Nas is one of the great NY rappers. He used to be in a contest with Jay-Z for best NY rapper but it’s hard to say that Nas didn’t lose that one. That being said Nas is still one of the most respected 2nd or 3rd generation rappers. Swizz Beatz came up with DMX and Cassidy but has managed out live the both of them as he is one of today’s premier producers producing dozens of hit singles. Swizz Beatz also has been in the public eye more lately as he recently married, and is having a child, with Alicia Keyes.
About Song: This hip hop song is part of Swizz Beatz weekly release of songs called Monster Mondays (a ripoff of GOOD Fridays, me thinks so). This song originally didn’t have Nas and was featured in Grand Theft Auto, Nas really brings this well produced track to a song worth listening to.
Favorite Part:
The Horns…of course.
And Nas brings that gritty New York feel to it.
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