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Seinabo Sey – Pistols At Dawn (Lucian x Mickey Valen Remix)

January 27th, 2015


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Summary: ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. #facemelting

About Artist: Seinabo is 24 year old black musician from Sweeden. She only started releasing music in 2013 and her original song Pistols At Dawn is an amazing song on it’s own.┬áLucia and Mickey Valen seem to be two semi-obscure remix producer dude from New York.

About Song: The original Pistols At Dawn is a great song but this remix kicks it up a notch.

Favorite Part: The song starts with some of that real soul that the original has, adds a little electronic pop in the middle, and rides out with the craziness!

The outro reminds me of C2C’s Down the Road

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