ZZ Ward – Cryin Wolf (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

October 17th, 2012

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Summary: If you liked BlakRoc you’ll love this bluesy song.
About Artist:  This is the first song of ZZ Ward that I’ve discovered but I’m downloading some of her mixtapes and past projects as we speak. Apparntly she did a cover of a Childish Gambino song and has worked with Pete Rock in the studio? I don’t know enough at the moment but I would say looking into more of her stuff is a must! Kendrick Lamar is like my favorite rapper right now. From LA etc etc just look at past posts of mine by Kendrick Lamar.
About Song: Is off her debut album which dropped yesterday called Till The Casket Drops (too soon after the Clipse’s album IMO). I’m about to listen to the album now but she seems very ‘Adele’ or ‘Lana Del Rey’ to me so far.
Favorite Part: I really really like the bluesyness, which is also why I LOVED BlakRoc. I like when it breaks down with the claps, I love ZZ Wards voice and harmonies, and of course Kendrick’s verse specifically this part

“Don’t forget about us, don’t forget about trust
Don’t forget about the kinkiness of playin with the cuffs
on the bedspring penetrate the loud screams echoin the hallways is a must”(2:30-2:40)

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