Wale – The Problem

November 13th, 2010

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Summary: NOT a party song. This is the intro track of Wale’s AWESOME mixtpe More About Nothin
About Artist: Wale is a “speak to truth” rapper from DC. He’s one of the most authentic rappers in the game right now. He has crazy style both fashion and lyrically, his wordplay is out of this world and infused on Go-Go beats from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). As such Wale is in my top 5 current Rappers. His mixture More About Nothin (link above) is highly recommended. Wale’s debut album, Attention Deficit” kinda flopped but you can bet he’ll be back!
About Song: This is the intro track of Wale’s AWESOME mixtpe More About Nothin. This track just shows off the poetry of Wale’s words. It also speaks to the troubles surround Wale’s debut album “Attention Deficit”.
Favorite Part: Love the soft poetry in the beginning. Also love when the drums come in at 2:57.
“So a nigga hungry as a plastic hippopotamus
So stoppers better take it in the blood like a phlebotomist”
“It’s just my fate, lemme chill, nah flip,
my shit was submarine like, under ship ”
(1:58) -This whole part of the song talk about how Interscope didn’t ship enough records to outlets and botched the release of his album.
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