Wale – Nothing To Worry About

August 22nd, 2009


Wale – Nothing ToWorry About.mp3 (right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: I Love WALE. Wale is straight out of DC one of the 09 Freshman class of the new wave of hip hop artists. He took the funky go-go beat of the DMV (DC Maryland Virginia) and is bringing it national. He’s got library of awesome mixtapes the latest of which is this past summer’s “Back to the Feature” which has a featured artist on every track.
About Song: This song has been heard on XM satalitte radio and I’m optimistic that it will be pretty popular down the line. Also it plays in the background of a promo spot for the new season of Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Comedy Central features Peter, Bjorn & John

Favorite Verse: 1st Verse
Favorite Line:
“…no challenge, and with this I have grown nonchalante, play the cards I was dealt meawhile in, simply invest in the fate know that I win, while I inspect the deck, shaolin, hi haters, try later, I do the┬áhiesman on ya like I’m gator, Tim Tebow…”(1:50) I like this line for several reasons: 1) The way he says nonchalante 2) inspect the deck is a reference inspectah deck who is a rapper from the Wu-Tang Clan which is from Staten Island known as shaolin (wu-tang is all about shaolin) 3) The hiesman is the highest college football award which Florida Gator Tim Tebow won a few years ago