Wale – Breakup Song

May 5th, 2010

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Summary: Wale says “for the lovers and those with broken hearts :)”
About Artist: Wale is one of my favorite rappers. He’s from DC and has a TON of great mixtures including “100 Miles and Running” which may be my favorite mixtape ever. Check out other Wale songs on the blog HERE. Wale’s debut album “Attention Deficit” came out last year and the popularity of it was a huge disappointment. I still think Wale is one of the most talented and creative guys in the game but has recently faded from the cutting edge without putting out that much music as of late.
About Song: This is just a standalone track that Wale released on twitter about a month ago. It samples Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do”
Favorite Lines:
“Thought this was forever love
Guess that was just seasonal
She got back with her old boy
She’s probably had a reason though
Although thought that we would grow
Guess that wasn’t feasable
But we ain’t gotta be beefin tho
I miss you at my recent show…”
“Ya, tell me about the love of ours,
contemplate I wrote about her
We no longer close or nuttin
That’s why she ignore my flowers
And my call, and my text
spendin her time wit him I guess
I regret some shit I did but…”
-(1:15-1:27) This beginning of this line is in reference to Wale’s song Contemplate from Attention Deficit.
“Can we stay broken up
And all these pages close em up
I hope we both do learn from this
So my next don’t don’t gotta be so rough
Gotta get better wit time
Relationships should never rewind
Better leave it all behind
Guess that mean you can never be mine
Well, ummm, theres a but
Without your love it’s cold as fuck
Life is a movie we both say cut
But most the time darlin the sequel sucks.”
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