Wale – Bad (ft. Tiara Thomas)

February 14th, 2013

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Summary: Another little love track for valentine’s day. Note this song isn’t exactly a happy love song but I like it none the less. It makes me happy to know that at least the line “I never made love, but I sure know how to fuck” doesn’t apply to me.
About Artist:  Wale used to be one of my favs but the Rick Ross kind of direction that his musical style went made me less of a fan. Wale is from DC and used to rap over some awesome go go beats from DC, his mixtape 100 Miles and Running is still one of my favorite music albums of all time.
About Song: This song was produced and sung by Tiara Thomas (who also did the vocals on one of my favorite track’s off of Wale’s mixtape More About Nothing called The Cloud). Now that I look I see I did a gregshiphop post on The Cloud HERE. On both songs she does a great job on the chorus.
Favorite Part: I really like that Tiara Thomas brings to the song. Wale’s verses aren’t spectacular but he sounds really good on a song like this. I think my favorite line is
“Bad girls ain’t no good,
and the good girls ain’t no fun,
and the hood girls want a smart nigga,
college girls all want a thug.
So it seems that we fiend what we don’t need”

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