Trey Songz – Sk Shit (prod. by @skmusic)

February 24th, 2011

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Summary: Trey Songz can rap oh yes he can. For those that appreciate clever lyrics.
About Artist: Trey Songz is an R&B singer / rapper. He hit it big with his single Bottoms Up and Say Aah but he has so many more skills than those songs show. While he gets played on the radio as another autotuned hook singer he really can rap and has his own unique style to boot. If you wanna hear more Trey Songz from click here
About Song: This hip hop song is over half a year old at this point an was part of Trey Songz’ Twitter themed mixtape to show he does more than R&B called #lemmeholddatbeat.
Favorite Part:
“You see I am a major crash you just a finder bender
No contenders you so limber see I’m stiffted and my mistress
Is this rap shit I came in with my main bitch we live in peace and harmony
But this rap hoe flow so cold I swear its like she callin me
Fuck the way you thought of me I’m nothin like you thought I’d be
That’s even if you follow me” 1:45

“But I stay on the grind baby bad brakes haters
I’m the shit wont you tell me how my ass taste
Ricky bobby daddy say if you aint first you last place
Movin’ at a fast pace you niggas is butts call em ash trays” 3:08

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