Trey Songz – Fuck Wit You No More

January 21st, 2011

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Summary: Its Mr. Steal Your Girl
About Artist: Trey Songz comes from the pop R&B tradition of a Chris Brown but with a little more edge lyrically. I really like Trey Songz because he does have lyrical talent, just listen to my favorite Trey Songz song The Machine. Trey Songz however has gained more popularity for his “singing” in various hooks or in his most famous track to date Bottoms Up.
About Song: This song is off of Trey Songz’s Twitter themed mixtape #LemmeHoldThatBeat by @TreySongz. Despite just releasing an album Trey states in his mixtape that he enjoys being able to use his mixtapes as an outlet for some of his more lyrical content. This song, like others on the album, is a remake, in this case of P. Diddy’s (Dirty Money) farily recent track “Loving You No More”. I like the original but Trey spices it up a little than P. Diddy’s sop story.
Favorite Part: The Timpani Drums at 0:08
“I look at you and see a different girl now, Gettin Whitney wit me, a different world now” (0:51)
I really like the chorus “I just can’t Fuck, can’t Fuck, wit you no more”
“Crazy with the head, but she crazy in the head
Attract a lot of birds ’cause I make a lot of bread
Searching for my dove, hoping love is forgiven
And I find out a dove ain’t nothing but a pigeo” (1:42)
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