The Paxtons – Beamin (ft. Oscar Wao)

September 12th, 2010


DOWNLOAD MP3 Paxtons-BeaminftOscarWao.mp3
Summary: This song is a remake of Lupe Fiasco’s Beamin. Lyricism Alert!
About Artist: The Paxtons are a duo from Chicago recently moved to New York. They are very underground. They are very creative musically and super unique and authentic.
About Song: This song borrows pieces from Lupe Fiasco’s Beamin. I do like the musicality of it but it is the killer first verse that made me post this.
Favorite Verse: The first first  (0:20-1:35) is NUTS
Favorite Line: “Nigga stick to script.
We gon keep on manufacture crack and bag it brick to nick.
Get used to it Knicks to bricks. Chris Duhon like six assists.
Clip coupons to spending chips.
Bitch I’m ballin, they madison square like Lupe.
We Madison Square Garden.
They mad he’s in there hoopin. We baddest in here, pardon.
JV let him in ther shootin. We are lettermen year, startin.
You girl lerterman late night. I late text. She talkin bout she ain’t gettin laid right.
I latex, then layed pipe.

She talkin bout you gon stay right. Unh unh I got to leave.
She on that letterman jacket wear emotions on her sleeve”

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