Talib Kweli – Cold Rain

January 26th, 2011

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Summary: Talib and this song exemplifies the heart of Hip Hop.
About Artist: Talib Kweli is a cemented figure in hip hop as a socially concious rapper. From Brooklyn Talib began rapping in the early 90s and was half of the group Blackstar along with Mos Def. Talib is highly respected in Hip Hop as a rapper true to Hip Hop who speaks to the struggles of our society. His most recent album Eardrum (2007) received great reviews and showed that Talib Kweli is still an active and powerful voice in the community.
About Song: This song is the first single off of Talib Kweli’s next album Gutter Rainbows. This song was produced by none other Ski Beatz who was just featured on the blog a few days ago here.
Favorite Part: GOSPEL, LOVE IT! (1:27)
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