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Wu Tang Vs. The Beatles – Run (ft. Jadakiss)

December 19th, 2016


DOWNLOAD MP3 WuTangVsTheBeatles-RunftJadakiss.mp3
Summary: Mashups!!!
About Artist: I don’t know who the DJ is but they’ve made a TON of Wu Tang Clan and The Beatles mashups.
About Song: This song is an unfinished track that didn’t make it onto “The Magical Mystery Chambers” which was a Beatles Wu Tan Clan mashup album.
Favorite Part: I love mashups. And I like the classic rock guitar sound.
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Tom Caruana – Got Your Money

April 3rd, 2013

DOWNLOAD MP3 TomCaruana-GotYourMoney.mp3
Summary: Mashup Madness
About Artist: I have no clue who Tom Caruana is but you can check out his site here. The Beatles are a rock group from the UK (maybe you’ve heard of them). Ol’ Dirty Bastard was a member of the Wu Tang Clan. Kelis is an R&B singer best known for her single Milkshake
About Song:  This song is a mashup between the Beatles ‘You Never Give Me Your Money” and “Got Your Money”. It is off of a project made by Tom Caruana called “Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles: Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers” (a play on the album Magical Mystery Tour and 36 Chambers)
Favorite Part:
The mix itself is the best part. But I also really like the part at 1:28 where ODB finishes his verse and it goes into the chorus

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