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Joell Ortiz – Look At Me Now (ft. Sebastian Rios)

March 16th, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 JoellOrtiz-LookAtMeNowftSebastianRios.mp3
Summary: Now this is some lyrical Ish
About Artist: Joell Ortiz is Brooklyn rapper whos a little bit older than most rappers now-a-days and whos been rapping since about 2000. In the past few years however Joell has put out as many tracks as anyone. He makes up ¼ of Slaughterhouse but can undoubtably hold his own. There are a lot of Joell Ortiz tracks that I like but this new freestyle that just dropped exemplifies Joell fun, fast and killah style. I have not clue who Sabastian Rios is.
About Song: This is just a random track that Joell dropped the other day which is nothing new since Joell puts out tracks nobody else. A little background you might want to know is Joell’s YAOWA thing. YAOWA is a little nickname he has for himself which among many other things stands for ‘you’re actually one world away.’
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