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Teach Em How To Dougie (remix)(ft. B.o.B., Sean Kingston)

September 11th, 2010


DOWNLOAD MP3 CaliSwagDistict-TeachEmHowToDougieremixftBoBSeanKingston.mp3
Summary: B.o.B KILLS IT!
About Artist: I just posted a Cali Swag District song a couple days ago. They are nothing special you probably won’t see any more Cali Swag songs up here.
About Song: The original song is Cali Swag District’s debut single. The beat is super catchy but it’s B.o.B that makes me post this track. If nothing else just LISTEN TO BOB’S VERSE.
Favorite Verse: B.o.B has an amazing verse (2:14)
Other: LISTEN TO BOB’S VERSE AT 2:14!!!,

B.o.B – Paperboy (ft. Charles Hamilton)

May 6th, 2010

DOWNLOAD MP3 BoB-PaperboyftCharlesHamilton.mp3
Summary: Just a random track from a few months ago
About Artist: B.o.B is an awesome and versatile musician. His debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray was the number one selling album last week, it’s all over iTunes. Check out older Bobby Ray posts HERE
About Song: This is just some collabo track with everyone’s favorite (jk), Charles Hamilton.
Favorite Lines:
“I got skills
Nunchuck Skills
Rowing SKills
Bowing Skills
Im pretty much Flowin still so I guess I got Boating skills
But are you sewing quilts
All On This like Hoes on Stilts
So I tilt on like rollin wheels
Ya’ll fall down like bowling Pills
Bowling pins I dont know here I go floatin again
Up into the sky like smoke into the wind
Up to the Ozone again”
Paperboy Lyrics
B.o.B. Wikipedia
Charles Hamilton Wikipedia,

B.o.B – The Kids (ft. Janelle Monae)

April 27th, 2010

DOWNLOAD MP3 BoB-TheKidsftJanelleMonae.mp3
Summary: “Pop-Radio Rap”. B.o.B presents the Adventures of Bobby Ray is out TODAY April 27th 2010. DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM ON ITUNES
About Artist: B.o.B (aka Bobby Ray) is an Atlanta singer/rapper/songwriter/producer/instrumentalist who is one of my current favorites. If you would like to know more about him read the artist bio on some of the OLDER B.o.B POSTS. His album is very pop sounding but the rap on some of his mixtures is CRAZY.
About Song: This song is a track off of his debut album “B.o.B presents the Adventures of Bobby Ray”. The song is slower and not hardcore Hip Hop by any means but the rap is nice and Jannele Monae appeals to a wide audience. Other features on the album include Lupe Fiasco, the singer from Weezer, Eminem and the lead singer from Paramore (sp?).
Favorite Verse “Well, since I was planted at birth I abandoned my old planet and I landed on Eatrth, as a kid I never ud understoof what I observed some of it was strange but most of it disturbin…” (0:40-1:22)
Other Seriously check out other B.o.B songs! He has something for everyone.
B.o.B Wikipedia,

B.o.B – I Don’t Know Y’all

April 14th, 2010


DOWNLOAD MP3 BoB-IDontKnowYall.mp3
About Artist: B.o.B (aka Bobby Ray) is a 21 year old Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Intrumentalist out of ATL. Check out more BoB songs on He has a ton of talent and while gained a loyal online following over the past few years with mixtapes like Who the Fuck is BoB, May 25th but has recently blown up mainstream with his single “Nothing On You” (Official Video). That single has already gone platinum with 1.2 million sold. His debut album “B.o.B presents the Adventure of Bobby Ray” comes out April 27th so get excited. I’m sure this will be only one of many B.o.B songs that will be up on in the next few weeks.
About Song: UNLIKE WHAT I SAID ABOUT BOB above this track is a very NOT mainstream song. This, I would consider, is a diss track to Drake and other rappers over Drake’s own beat from Over (video here.This song just shows B.o.B harder edge which will sure be in short supply in his sure to be big time radio album “B.o.B. Present the Adventures of Bobby Ray” due out April 27th.
Favorite Verse: 0:43- 1:22(This song is only a short freestyle so this is pretty much it)
Other: BoB has something for everyone. If this isn’t your kind of song don’t write Bobby Ray off cause he has songs in every genre.
B.o.B Wikipedia
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B.o.B – Don’t Feel So Good (prod. by B.o.B)

February 17th, 2010

BoB-DontFeelSoGoodprodbyBoB.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: BoB (aka Bobby Ray) is the man. From ATL and signed with TI’s fools gold, his debut album “Adventures of Bobby Ray” due out on April 27th is gonna be HUGE. Bobby Ray is a versatile Rapper/Musician who blurs genre lines and is a musical genius. I love his style and I think everyone should listen to Bobby Ray cause he makes songs for everyone. I would recommend giving his mixtape “BoB vs Bobby Ray” a listen
About Song: This song is my favorite song from Bob’s recent mixtape “May 25th”. Its very slow and chill (not very Hip Hop) but this song really strikes me.
Favorite Line: “I just get this feelin, because the system is a cage, like the prison gaates.. and if you don’t feel it, then how come independence day, is just a holidaay”
B.o.B (aka Bobby Ray) Wikipedia,

B.o.B – Bet I (ft. Playboy Tre)(prod. by Kutta)

February 10th, 2010

BoB-BetIftPlayboyTreprodbyKutta.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: B.o.B aka Bobby Ray, get familar. He’s one of my numer ones!
About Song: This isn’t best song off of his album promoting mixtape “May 25th” but with advent Google Buzz I thought this song would be appropirate. CHECK IT OUT better than facebook, better than anyhing.
Favorite Verse: B.o.B’s verse obv.
Favorite Line: The first verse (BoB) is great.
Bobby Ray Wikipedia
Bobby Ray Official Site
Download “May 25th”,

Born Wit It – Stack Ur Paper Up (ft.Bobby Ray)

January 21st, 2010

BornWitIt-StackUrPaperUpftBobbyRay.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Bobby Ray (aka B.o.B.) is a Hip Hop artist out of Atlanta signed with T.I. on grand hustle. This guy is the future of Hip Hop for real, his debut album is comin out this spring and it should ave great crossover appeal to pop and other genres.
About Song: I don’t know where this song came from but it is yet another song that samples Bittersweet Symphony by Oasis. I like the beat I like the song there’s nothin more to say
Favorite Verse:
Favorite Line:
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