Soulja Boy – Swag Me Out

April 1st, 2011

No Mp3, See Video Below
Summary: Lyrical, Catchy… just plain amazing!
About Artist: Soulja Boy took the Hip Hop world by storm with lyrical ability and unmatched swag. Now one of the most respected artists in the genre he challenges the thrones of Tupac, Biggie and Jay-Z with his fierce style. Soulja Boy may be the greatest rapper of all time and with so many years ahead of him sky is the limit for this talented young artist
About Song: This song showcases Soulja Boy’s lyrical abilities while at the same time speaking to the core values of Hip Hop. A trifecta of lyricism, a masterpiece beat, and original style this song will surely be remember as a masterpiece of our time.
Favorite Part:
At 2:29, Soulja’s Gucci verse is¬†truly¬†mindblowing. Listen to those lyrics.
Also 3:35-3:57 showcases Soulja Boy at his finest.

Soulja Boy – Swag Me Out (Video)

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