Skyzoo – Crack The Code (ft. Rhymfest)(prod by K-Salaam)

March 2nd, 2010

Skyzoo-CrackTheCodeftRhymfestprodbyKSalaam.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Skyzoo is a Brooklyn rapper. He is fairly new (hittin the scene around 2005) but does not have the freshman buzz or fast-track career status like other younger rappers. Rhymefest is a Chicago MC who has been around for a while but still has it made it to the big time. His first official album “Blue Collar” from 2006 is GREAT and I would definitely recommend it. His next album title “El Che” (a name that Rhymefest goes by) is due May 18th. I am a big fan of both Skyzoo and Rhymefest
About Song: This song is off of a tape called Closed Sessions Vol 1. a project spearheaded by (link to closed sessions post) which looks real good and real unique. The official site ( for the project has all the details and tons of free music.
Favorite Verse: Both Skyzoo and Rhymefest sound solid on this (though I think I like Rhymefest a LITTLE better on this)
Favorite Line:“I’m a big fish boy you a tadpole,
you wear a bubble and still catch a bad cold
…The Da Da Davinci Code through y’all in my movie..
and if you owe me money I suggest you give it to me” (2:14)
Other: I saw DJ Salaam on Sunday in NYC with Donnis… it was awesome
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