Rocko – Maybe (Remix)(ft. Rick Ross)

September 7th, 2010


DOWNLOAD MP3 Rocko-MaybeRemixftRickRoss.mp3
Summary: Rick Ross “freestyles” on Rocko’s Maybe
About Artist: Don’t know much about Rocko except that he has kids with his once fiance Monica (a la Angel of Mine). Rick Ross on the other hand is blowin up right now. Recently signed with Roc Nation (aka the Jay-Z Kanye crew), Rick Ross should be a household name right now. I’m actually not a huge fan (I actually don’t like “The Boss”) but this song it tight.
About Song: Never heard the original but I like what I hear here. I also know there is a Soulja Boy / Gucci Mane remix of the song if you’re into that kind of thing.
Favorite Verse: Third Verse (2:54). I don’t know who is rapping there but I like the way autotune is used in the verse (fyi I believe autotune has a time and a place but I do not general condone its use)
Other: This song isn’t super special. At first I really wanted to pick an awesome song to bring the blog back from vacation but there are so many songs lined up that I just chose this one randomly from my playlists.
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