Rhymefest – Agony (ft. Glenn Lewis)

October 6th, 2010


DOWNLOAD MP3 Rhymefest-AgonyftGlennLewis.mp3
Summary: This is a good song off of a CD of many good songs. Check out Rhymefest’s “El Che”
About Artist: Rhymefest is a Chicago rapper who had ties to Kanye earlier on but as a decidedly harder rapper than Kanye their ties deteriorated and Rhymefest still hasn’t achieved the initial stardom that seemed possible. However Rhymefest is extremely talented, very true to himself, and with a good message. His second and most recent album El Che was one of the best hip hop albums I’ve heard in a long time and would high recommend though most of the songs are nothing like this track Agony.
About Song: >????
Favorite Verse: I don’t know if there is a favorite verse it’s just a funny song
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