Pitbull – The Anthem (ft. Lil Jon)

August 9th, 2009


Pitbull – The Anthem (ft. Lil Jon).mp3 (right click and “save link as”)

About Artist:If you haven’t heard of Pitbull you’ve never heard of Reggeaton. Pitbull is arguably the most dominant artist in the genre and its hard to go out to the club in Tucson and not heard at least a couple Pitbull song. Pitbull is from Miami with a Cuban background and has been cranking out monster hits since 2004.
About Song:
This song came out on the 2007 album “Boatlift”. This song is such a club banger here in Tucson and I just wanted to share it with all those poor souls who don’t get to hear Reggaeton. I know that some east coasters won’t believe it but this song puts Usher’s “Yeah” to shame when it comes on. The beat on the song is based heavily on popularized by Enur which is also a great song and is posted in the comments. The Anthem also features Lil Jon.
Favorite Verse:
1st Verse (1:02)
Favorite Line:“Hey hey, baby give it to me, don’t play-play
She was like O.K K K
Started clapping her ass to ay bey bey, ay bey bey, ay bey bey
She told me that her mama’s latin, dad’s asian
Abuela está loca, abuelos hatian
Y yo soy cubano and I’m impatient
So do me a favor, lets skip conversation
I just wanna taste ya ASAP
Take ya ASAP, to the room ASAP
Zoom zoom ASAP, boom boom take that
OOOHH I like that!
When you fight back!”(1:02) … And thats the whole first verse lol
Other: The song this is based on, Calabria 2008, is in the comments.
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