Phil Ade – Used To Be

February 6th, 2011

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Summary: Wordplay and real rap
About Artist: Phil Ade is out of the DMV (DC Maryland Virginia). I’ve posted several songs of his in the past so LOOK HERE for better bios on Ade.
About Song: This song is from Phil Ade’s next project called A Different World which is due out some time in April. The song samples is beat from Mos Def’s Ms Fat Booty which in turn samples Aretha Franklin’s One Step Ahead (one of my favorite Aretha Franklin songs). This sample was also used in a Kanye song off of one of his mixtapes which I can’t find for the life of me but I’m SURE kanye produced a track with this sample.
Favorite Part: This song is all about Phil Ade’s flow and wordplay
“I tryin tobe ridin something with Kurt Cobain doors“ (1:25) (aka suicide doors)

“I’m just getting what I work for,
what your feelins hurt for?
I was born a star but they say I’m down to Earth more”
The song is NOT from the Letterman mixtape pictured right
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