Phil Adé – Going Off

August 7th, 2009


Phil Adé – Going Off.mp3 (right click and “save link as”)

About Artist: Phil Adé is a brand new artist from the DC Area (his bio is on his myspace). Adé just came out with his very first mixtape so download it from his myspace and show him some love.
About Song:
This song is from Phil Adé’s first and only mixtape called “Starting on JV” which came out on July 10 2009.
Favorite Verse:
The whole song is ONE HUGE VERSE!
Favorite Line:“Flippin up a school cause my minds too slick, I rip, dude I am swine flu sick, gimme a drum kick with snare and I swear I can make them shit into hits on the air, I hear don’t feel youngins but I don’t discriminate, she call me D-Wade with the way that I penetrate, hand me a pen and pad, the rappers I get em mad…”(1:09)
“listen to the evidence, its evident I’m heaven sent”(2:46)

Other: The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) is runnin it!
Phil Adé Myspace,