Pac Div – Birds (ft. Pill)

May 8th, 2010

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Summary: Something Hard. Westcoast. Good Speakers Required!
About Artist: PacDiv is a young west coast, L.A. area, trio who were friends in high school. While very young (they describe themselves as big kids) there sound is very traditional modled after early 90s rap. They are full of engergy (GREAT LIVE), and have beats that just BUMP! If you don’t have nice speakers this song and others aren’t worth listening to. While PacDiv doesn’t do a lot of different styles they have really perfected their sound and if you got something to bump this on I would highly recommend downloading both their mixtapes Church League Champions and Don’t Mention It. Pill is and ATL rapper who was featured in the XXL Freshman 2010 among Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa and J. Cole.
About Song: This song if off of their third mixtape Don’t Mention It. If this song isn’t for you but you like this genre download the tape and check the rest out. Pac Div has a strong L.A. sound and is worth checking out even if you don’t like this song specifically.
Favorite Lines:
“They wanna flock now…”
-(0:06-0:08) with the bird sounds on the beat and the hooting at 0:31
“They tryin work they way up from the rock bottom, and they’ll slurp it all up like it’s top ramen…”
“…she fucking ball players, rap stars, entertainers, got 2 baby daddies and 3 twitter pages,
this is outrageous, this is absurd, she call herself a diva I call that bitch a bird”
-(1:57-2:08) Misogynist? probably. Good Rap? definitely
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