Mz. Sasha – Gimme Da Loot

February 11th, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 MzSasha-GimmeDaLoot.mp3
Summary: Quit saying females can’t rap
About Artist: I know yesterday’s song didn’t have a great bio but I have even less about Mz. Sasha. I just stumbled upong her in this song and then found the youtube video below. Also check out two other song’s of her’s I found Here and Here thought I might be posting one of those up on this blog in the future
About Song: This song is a cover of Notorious B.I.G’s Gimme Da Loot (one of my favorite classics).
Favorite Part:
“Don’t be mad at me
I plan to bring you back to reality
Immortal so it’s time hit em up with a fatality
” (0:14)

“Mz. Sasha is the name repeat it one more time
you wanna hate, that’s fine take a number hater wait in line”

The second verse (1:16-1:57) is also really good

This is just a cypher with Mz. Sasha,