Lupe Fiasco – SLR 2 #Summer2013

October 11th, 2013

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Summary: #Summer2013 is a recap of the songs that made the summer of 2013 one of the best ever. Lupe gave this response to Kendrick Lamar’s diss track “The Control”
About Artist: Lupe Fiasco is an icon in the Hip Hop landscape hailing from Chicago, known for his amazing lyricism and representing the ‘positive’ side of hip hop cutlure..
About Song: This summer Kendrick Lamar spat what many perceived as a major diss to almost all other rappers in the game on a track called Control (with Big Sean and Jay Electronica). The internet response was huge with many funny memes, intense debate, remixes and responses. My favorite was this Lupe Fiasco response.  It makes me so happy to see Lupe back actually rapping AND spittin it soooo hot.

Favorite Part:
Well surprise surprise it’s all about the lyrics. Lupe’s lyrical style changes throughout copying/mocking the trademark style of lots of different rappers.

Highlights below…

Lu the boy, too Bruce Leroy to destroy               <- Lu is just getting started
Doo doo beat like two T-boys with one freak one me
But I can DP like it’s three more
Three rewards for me or me or me or me or me or me
Team me is like meat eating animals meeting a meteor
Dinosaurs, I’m fine with all kinds of wars        <- starts building
Knives and swords, lions, tigers bitin’ boars
Lightening striking Viking hordes                    <- building more….
Fighting heightened, violence soars                 <- ahhh
[German-sounding nonsense]                            <- ahhhhhhh lol
That was Adolf, reacting to my new shit
Translation: how come he can’t be as evil as Lu get?
Well that’s cause you ain’t Lu, bitch”  (1:12)


“I ain’t matchin’ them in platinum
But I’m rappin’ like I’m flames
Like smackin’ them in the back of him and my antonyms is on ‘cain     <- Niiiice
And my heroin is on metaphors and my metaphors is on brains       < –   Ohh ya
My left foot is in LA but my right foot is in Spain
Now we all heard what he said, but what he said means we dead
And that shit is insane” (2:20)

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