Lil Wayne – Wasted

October 29th, 2009

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About Artist: Lil Wayne has been makin music since he was 15 in the late 90’s and has had an amazing sucessful career. After creating a core of diehard fans and releasing what many consider his best work with the Carter II, lil Wayne exploded into the mainstream with the Carter III with songs like Mrs. Officer, A Milli and Lollipop. Carter III sold over a million copies in it’s first week and has to date sold more than 10 million. Hoever many people were critical of his use of autotune on the album as well has the way wayne seemed to trade in his lyricsim on some songs for catchy hooks and dumb gimmicks (like saying young mullah baby in that waynesque way). HOWEVER lil Wayne is back! His No Celings mixtape was recorded in his tour bus studio over the last year and is his first offering since the Carter III and let me just say it is awesome. Every track amazing and represents a a return to classic lil Wayne lyricism. Even lil Wayne skeptics will be impressed! oh and also if you didn’t know it looks like they’re gonna put lil Wayne in prison for the next year on a gun charge.
About Song: This song is just one of my many favorites on the tape. I like it cause it’s got some great lines but don’t get me wrong, there are at least four other songs I could have put up here and look for more No Ceilings on the blog cause there is definitely more coming.
Favorite Line:
“My life is a video and and the women want they cameo” (0:51)
“…I’ll serve anyone like a blind waiter, I make my girl come first then I arrive later, I shake your pussy soft, I’m her vibrator” (1:18)
“New Orleans nigga, I get super dome” (1:43)
“Still spittoon fire, you niggas wood to me” (1:49)
“Oh she a good, I gotta transform it, she gave me hot head, I called it global warming” 2:18
“…I got 27 years of this, hit or miss, i hit your misses, you are local news, I’m 60 minutes. I hit the target, I hit the witness, I work out in my office guess I’m fit for business” (2:45)
“…I’m diverse, I save the world second, I get high first. I’m a mind freak, check my time sheet, bitch I bring then noise where the lions sleep” (3:20)
“…I got a million flows, label me the hardest nigga in civilian clothes” (3:58)
Wasted Lyrics
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