Lil Wayne – On Fire

February 4th, 2010

LilWayne-OnFire.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Lil Wayne, again what more can I say. He’s super mainstream nowadays but still has a hardcore underground following which rejoiced at his recent mixtape “No Ceilings” which is a must download item.
About Song: This is song is a single off of his new album Rebirth. This album has a long story behind it. Orignally conceived as a rock album where Lil Wayne would jump across genres, the label continually delayed the album (like more than 4 times). The album then leaked when accidentally shipped pre-order copies on an old released date. With the nightmare of the full album leaked rumors circulated that lil Wayne would re-record the album with new songs before it was officially released, or that it would be part of a double disc with “We Are Young Money”. However this did not happen and the album was released without much hype on Feb 2 2010.  The album does have a lot of guitar and other instrumentals but it isn’t really rock (like blakroc) and instead is just some random pop/hop tracks. People expected the album to suck, it kinda does.
Other: This song is very popular for being on this blog but it’s pretty catchy. ALSO let me know what your favorite no ceilings track is. I know my boy B, loves Watch My Shoes, I like Wasted.
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