Lil Kim – Black Friday Nicki Minaj Diss

December 7th, 2010

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Summary: Nicki Minaj’s album dropped a couple weeks ago to mainly negative reviews, this track dropped the same day. Lil Kim strikes back on Nicki who’s disses Kim multiple time
About Artist: Lil Kim has fallen off since her height in the late 90’s when she ran with then Puff Daddy and Notorious B.I.G
About Song: This song is a straight diss on Nicki Minaj who has recently escalated her aggressiveness in her lines against lil Kim. Kim’s line are over Pharoah Monch’s classic beat from Simon Says
Favorite Part:
“I seen ‘em come, I seen go, I still remain
sweety, you going on your 14th minute of fame
I’m over 10 years strong still running the game
cut the comparisons, I’m in the legendary lane
fighting for ya spot, y’all please, I’m solidified”
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