Kid Cudi – Pusuit Of Happiness (ft. MGMT, Ratatat)

October 12th, 2009


KidCudi-PusuitOfHappinessftMGMTRatatat.mp3 (right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Kid Cudi just released his debut album Man on the Moon: End of Day which received generally received good reviews making it to #4 on the charts with 104,000 copies in its first week. The album is a real trip. Cudi narrates the album and take you on a journay through a night of sleep full of dreams and nightmares. His single “I Make Her Say (ft. Kanye and Common)” is the only track that blatantly does not belong on the album. The album is very unique and while it’s not to be played at parties to to bump in the car to sit down and listen to it all the way through is an fresh and amazing experience.
About Song: I had another Cudi song all lined up but Christine Griffin was goin on about MGMT the other night so I thought I’d throw this up instead. This song is a typical Cudi track very laid back fuck reality kind of thing.
Favorite Verse: This song is much more about the musical feel. Ratatat breaks the record down toward the end and its nice to just travel though the song, so no favorite verse.
Favorite Line: “Tell me what you know about Dreams, Dreams. Tell me what you know about Night Terrors nothing” (1:48) Something just strikes me about this line and it really captures the essence of the album and as far as I can tell, Cudi himself.
Other: Cudi is in a very unique place in the world of Hip Hop and has no close comparison.
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