Kanye West – Guilt Trip

October 7th, 2013

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Summary: #Summer2013 is a recap of the songs that made the summer of 2013 one of the best ever. Yeezus was one of the great albums of the summer, my favorite track on the album was ‘I’m In It’ posted previously here.
About Artist: Kanye West is my favorite. While he is known mostly for his personality the music he creates is always interesting and often unparalleled. He’s not afraid to try new things and yet somehow consistently creates really great music.
About Song: This is heavily samples the classic hip hop track Chief Rocka by Lords of the Underground, though I guess technically it feautes Pusha T’s Blocka which samples Chief Rocka. This was the last song from Yeezus that grew on me,.
Favorite Part: 

I guess I just like the first verse

Maybe it’s cause she into Leos
And I was into trios, plus all the trips to Rio
Couldn’t have helped, it’s gettin’ cold
Better bring your ski clothes, peeking through the keyhole
The door locked by myself and I’m feelin’ it right now
Cause it’s the time when my heart got shot down
Blocka, blocka, blocka-blocka, blocka
Pour a little champagne, cranberry vodka   <-The rymthem on cranberry vodka is dope
Feelin’ lied to like parents never said you adopted
Your feelings like Zulu, then nothing is a Shaka
I hit her with Jamaican dick, I’m the new Shabba
She lookin’ for her daddy, call me Big Poppa
On to the next saga
Focus on the future and let the crew knock her
Star Wars fur, yeah, I’m rocking Chewbacca  <- Love the Star Wars reference
The one Chief Rocka, number one Chief Rocka”


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