Kanye West- All Of The Lights (ft. Rihanna)

November 7th, 2010


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Summary: This is not an “Official Version”
About Artist: Kanye West, heard of him…? Rihanna…? Just read the wikipedia links below if you live under a rock.
About Song: This song will be the second sinlge off of Kanye’s next album “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” out November 22nd. This song isn’t in its official version yet, but it is rumored that the track will be close to ten miniutes long and feature everyone and their moms’. All I know is that this song is gonna be HUGE. Should hit the radio in a few weeks :)
Also I’m completely obsessed with this song.
Favorite Part: Um where do I start? The Horns? The woops on the drum beat? The drum beat? Kanye’s part in the chorus? Everything besides Ribhanna’s hook, which isn’t that bad, is my favorite part.

“All of the lights
Cop lights, flash lights, spot lights
Strobe lights, street lights
(all of the lights, all of the lights)
Fast life, drug life
Thug life, rock life
Every night
(all of the lights)”
(1:22) F’ckin Epic

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