Jay-Z – Pimp Stroll (Prod. By Green Lantern)(ft. Lil Wayne)

September 13th, 2010


DOWNLOAD MP3 Jay-Z-PimpStrollprodbyGreenLanternftLilWayne.mp3
Summary: Remix trackis PIMP
About Artist: Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, world famous etc. DJ Green Latern is a long time well respected DJ.
About Song: This song is off a DJ Green Lantern mixtape entitled “Creative Control”. There is another tight track on the tape that I’ll probably post. Jay-Z’s verse is from “Nigga Please” off of “Blueprint 2” but I don’t know where Wayne’s verse is from
Favorite Verse: Both versus are money but the first verse isn’t until 1:50
Favorite Part: “Nigga please, this is me, this is real as it be
My videos is like real TV
That chick, that’s me, that six, that’s me
That boat, I had it on the Mediterranean Sea”

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