Ja Rule – Incredible (ft. R. Kelly)

March 1st, 2010

JaRule-IncredibleftRKelly.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Ja Rule is a rapper of the former era. He was a huge commercial success selling over 35 million albums worldwide but has since quickly faded from the game. His early hits included collaborations with R Kelly, Ashanti and of course his Song New York, featuring Fat Joe and Jadakiss, one of my favorites. However since the early Ots Ja Rule has been torn down by his critics and is now passe. R Kelly, who also seemed to have peaked in the early 2000s is a Rapper/Singer with hits like Ignition.
About Song: This song is a half joke. I don’t what it’s a part of but it sounds like its straight out of the late 90’s, plus a little autotune. It has the same formulaic structure of all of those late 90s hits. I don’t wanted to get hated on for being  a Rule fan, which I’m not, but there is no replacing Ja’s voice. So this song is just to let you reminisce a little and think about how things used to be ( a nice little love song lol)
Favorite Verse: I dunno, maybe Ja’s second verse
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