Fashawn – Strange Fruit (Remix)(ft.John Legend, Common)

January 11th, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 Fashawn-StrangeFruitRemixftJohnLegendCommon.mp3
Summary: Shout out to Sean “Juan” Talia for showing me this!
About Artist: Fashawn is a 21 year old rapper out of Fresno CA. He was featured on the cover of XXL as part of the 2010 freshman class. His indepentaly released debut album “Boy Meets World” was critically acclaimed as was several of his smallar projects including “Ode to Illmatic” and “The Layover EP”. Fashawn is super talented lyrically and remains true to the core of Hip Hop, as shown here in this song. Common is well past his hayday but remains somewhat of a legend and has cemented his spot as a timeless conscious rapper (conscious meaning that he raps about important political and social issues through the lense of the hip hop struggle). Last of course is John Legend, R&B pianist who was pulled from obscurity by Kanye West early in the 2000s.
About Song: This song is reinterpretation of Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit. If your not familiar with Strange Fruit and the story behind it get educated here. I love John Legend’s chorus on this remix and how the song still maintains it’s haunting feel.
Favorite Part: Common does what he does best on this song by just telling a story.
Also Fashawn is pretty profound 2:45-3:25
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Here’s a video of Billie Holiday’s original Strange Fruit