Estelle – Pretty Please (Love Me)(ft. Cee-Lo)(prod. by Jack Splash)

May 9th, 2010

DOWNLOAD MP3 Estelle-PrettyPleaseLoveMeftCee-LoprodbyJackSplash.mp3
Summary: Hardly Hip Hop. For the mainstream (and the girls). Not New.
About Artist: Estelle is a British R&B singer possibly most famous for her single American Boy (ft. Kanye West) from her 2008 album Shine. Cee-Lo is probably known most for being half of Gnarls Barkey with DJ Danger Mouse. Cee-Lo is a super creative funk, hip hop, R&B, artist with a unique voice and an even more unique musical sound. Jack Splash mainly works on production for pop music like this song and is releasing his debut album “Technology and Love Might Save us all…” sometime this summer.
About Song: This is a 2008 song off of Estelle’s Shine. I hadn’t heard it in a long time but it came on my iTunes and I remember how, despite being kinda girly, I really liked it. The song was the 4th single off her album and despite not receiving much airplay appeared on the second volume of the Sex and the City movie soundtrack.
Favorite Lines:
I mainly like the song for its choruses but I also like Cee-Lo’s verse at 1:23
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