Eminem – Despicable Freestyle

April 30th, 2010

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Summary: This is EXPLICIT! If you don’t appreciate an angry eminem then don’t listen
About Artist: Who doesn’t know Eminem. A lot of people remember him for the Real SLim Shady and believe he’s a raving crazo. However there are many things that most people don’t realize about Eminem. First, many people don’t realize that despite his angry and crazy content of his lyrics Eminem is greatly respected within the Hip Hop community as one of the best lyricists of all time. Also many people may not know that Eminem is the best selling artist of the decade (2000-2010) with more than 32 million albums sold! That’s right he sold more albums in the 2000s than any other musician in the world. While many people are turned off by Eminem’s violent lyrics, you can’t deny his rapping skills.
About Song: This song is a remix over Drake’s Over and Lloyd Banks’ Beamer, Benz or Bently. This song is just a track that leaked in promotion of Eminem’s next album Recovery due out June 21st. The first single form the album already dropped and is called Not Afraid. That song is also really good and I will probably put it up tomorrow.
Favorite Lines: “fuck that I’d rather turn this club to a bar room brawl
get as rowdy as Roesthlisberger in a bathroom stall,
like a leaf stuck in a vacuum your only nuttin but a whole lot of suckin’
goin’ on in rap “(0:28-0:36)
“It’ll never be my chair that your on
crown so tight that it cuts off circulation to the brain no oxygen
otherwords there’s no heir/air to the throne”
The break at (0:52-1:00)
“makes no difference whether a Benz or Bentley or a Beamers the car you in
you think you ball well I palm it
I throw up bombs when I vomit
boy I throw down in the kitchen might hit your mom with my omlette
but you got egg on your face now watch me drop an atomic
I should be strapped to the chest of a kamikaze
bitch I’m as bat shit as Ozzy it’s obvious
you can tell I go right off the bat
no pun intended but come any closer I’ll bite off your head
tryna give me the fingers kinda like giving a spider the web
I’m just gonna spin it and try to use it to my advantage
I catch a fly in that bitch you think you fly you just food
I give as much as a flying fuck as that superman do
guess I just do what you can’t do or make you look stupid and baboozled
confused as usual and you can get ripped she can open a can too” (1:22-2:01)
Other This song is not off of the album pictured right.
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