Donnis – Underdog

August 25th, 2009


Donnis – Underdog.mp3 (right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Donnis another XXL freshman class member (details). Hism mixtape “Diary of an Atlanta Brave” dropped a little over a week ago and it is TIGHT. There are a number of tracks ai could have put up but I chose this one just cause it had the beat and rhymes. The album is also sponsored by 10 Deep.
About Song: This song is about Donnis being and underdog. Its got a nice southern sound but it has hard northern lyricism with LOTS OF REFERENCES.
Favorite Verse: 2nd verse (1:25)
Favorite Line: “Cudi called back and they sent him through the roof, it was enough proof to show me I could do it too, so Cudi’s on the Moon and Drake’s So Far Gone, I’m finally famolus like my boy Big Sean…” (1:40) This line references Drake’s mixtape So Far Gone, Cudi’s Man ont the Moon, and Big Sean’s Finally Famous, ALL of which have been featured on this blog.
Other:Sponsored by 10 X Deep,