Diddy and Dirty Money – Hello Good Morning (Remix)(ft. Rick Ross, T.I.)

April 23rd, 2010

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Summary: Party Song
About Artist: Diddy (fromely P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy) is a huge figure in Hip Hop. As part of the east coast crew with Notorious BIG and lil Kim ditty created Bad Boy records which is still around today. Diddy now respected more for his entrepuenial achievements that for his musical contribution. Diddy’s foray into business includes several clubs, coognes but most famously his clothing line Sean John which brought in 125 million dollars last year. Nowadays Diddy isn’t taken very seriously musically, something he hopes to change in time for the realize of his 6th album “Last Train to Paris” to be released June 22nd 2010. You can read about T.I. and Rick Ross on their Wikipedia pages below.
About Song: This song is a remix the third single off of Last Train to Paris. The original version does not have Rick Ross on it.
Favorite Verse I think I like Rick Ross’ verse best (0:08) T.I.’s verse is good too though (1:27)
Favorite Line “Hello, good morning, how you doin? We’re at the movie
Welcome to the Future, I’m the Cap’n of the Cool Kids
The revolution’s never been televised
Great booty, better thighs, I ain’t wanna tell her bye…”(1:27-1:36)
Other I hate the chorus (it sounds like every other chorus nowadays)
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